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Issue 2010, Number 2    [Published 2011-02-07]

Scientific Presentations with LaTeX

Marius Hofert
Markus Kohm

Abstract: In this article, we show how scientific presentations can be created based on the KOMA-Script document class scrartcl. The main advantage of the suggested approach is that the presentation slides allow for easy copy-and-paste of content from other LaTeX documents such as research papers or handouts. Using this approach, presentation slides are quickly generated, without the author having to learn how to use other LaTeX presentation packages. Additionally, in contrast to the rather overused templates of the more common presentation packages, the slides can be individually created and thus tailored to the topic of the presentation.
Marius Hofert is currently a postdoc at RiskLab in the Department of Mathematics at ETH Zurich. He completed a Master of Science in Mathematics from Syracuse University and a Diploma in Economathematics, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, from Ulm University. You can reach Marius at marius dot hofert at math dot ethz dot ch
Markus Kohm worked, after finishing his degree in Computer Science, as a software developer for several years, eventually as a project leader. Nowadays he takes pleasure in running the household and being a father. His interest in typography began in secondary school while studying literature. For several years now he has spent his spare time working as a typographer, typesetter, LaTeX consultant, and LaTeX document class author. He has worked with LaTeX since the early nineties. The KOMA-Script LaTeX bundle is just the tip of the iceberg that has been created during his many years of helping out in TeX newsgroups and mailing lists and his profession. Markus Kohm can be reached at komascript at gmx dot info.

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