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Bio for Kaja Christiansen

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. After obtaining an MSc in Mathematics at the University of Warsaw, I eventually moved to Denmark. I came to love my new country, where I have now lived and worked for many years.

My job at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Aarhus involves system administration and software support, including the responsibility for all aspects of TeX & friends: local styles, in-house classes, (very) frequent user support and maintainance. The department has about 550 students, 80 employees, a large number of active research groups and close ties to the BRICS Research Centre.

I heard about TeX for the first time in fall of 1979. In Palo Alto at the time, I wanted to audit courses at Stanford; my top priority was lectures by Prof. Donald Knuth but that, I was told, was not possible as Prof. Knuth was on leave due to work on a text processing project ... This project was TeX! Back home, it didn't take long till we had a runnable system and thus introduced an early version of TeX in Denmark.

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