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Bio for Lance Carnes

Writings for The PracTeX Journal

I attended my first TeX meeting at Stanford in 1980. Shortly after I became the editor of Small Systems for TUGboat. My first "small system" TeX implementation was on a 16-bit 128K HP 2000. Later I "moved up" to a 16-bit 640K IBM PC with 20MB hard drive!

In 1985 I founded Personal TeX, Inc. and began selling PCTeX. Early PCTeX versions were for MS-DOS and Windows 3.1. Currently PCTeX version 5 runs on all 32-bit and higher Windows systems. In 2005 Personal TeX will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

My interest in The PracTeX Journal (TPJ) stems from the PracTeX Conference held in San Francisco July 2004. Attendees at the conference voiced a need for more practical LaTeX and TeX information, and TPJ seemed to be a natural response.

I live in the North Beach section of San Francisco, and enjoy hiking, cycling, and old movies. Another favorite activity is dining in the little Italian, Chinese, and ethnic restaurants in the neighborhood -- if you're in the area stop by and we can go to one of the places in Little Italy or Chinatown.

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