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Bio for Robin Laakso

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I started working for the TeX Users Group (TUG) as a part-time office assistant in 1999 while completing course work in Visual Basic with aspirations of becoming a MS programmer. A few months later the office manager I was working for was let go. I was offered his job and, thereafter, my position became full-time. Eventually, I was promoted to Executive Director, partially because my duties as office manager overlapped with the ExDir designation. My job description includes running the business side of TUG as well as helping to organize annual conferences, keeping track of membership and member benefits, and answering or coordinating various inquiries.

Because the business side of TUG demands much of my attention, TeX the programming language continues to challenge me :). Someday I hope to be more literate (no pun intended) and surprise even myself as I use (La)TeX on a more regular basis.

In my other life, I am the proud, exhausted and bedraggled mother of two smart, creative and imaginative girls.

Date: June 9, 2010 ; The PracTeX Journal; TUG home page; search; contact webmaster.