[XeTeX] Translation commands for package dramatist to put in the marathi.ldf file

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Sat Apr 11 18:56:25 CEST 2020

RD Holkar wrote:

> I want to use package dramatist to write a play in language Marathi. I am using package polyglossia in XeLaTeX for Marathi. The package dramatist prints some theatrical terms via some commands. E.g., the command |\scenename| prints "Scene (and scene number in roman)". I want the word दृश्य to be printed instead of "Scene", and have the counter set to Devanagari script. Therefore, following the package documentation, I use |\renewcommand{\scenename}{􏰞􏰟दृश्य}| in the preamble. Similarly, I change the counter to Devanagari script.
> My question is, how can I add these translation commands to the ldf (marathi.ldf) file for language Marathi in package poyloglossia so that I do not have to keep writing these commands all the time in the preamble? Thank you in advance.
> What I really want is the command in marathi.ldf. I doubt if \renewcommand can be directly put in the .ldf file, can it be?

I can see no reason why not. Although "marathi.ldf" does not appear to be a part of the TeX Live 2020 suite, I have looked at what may be a similar file, "gloss-marathi.ldf" and it looks to me as if additional XeLaTeX commands could be added at the bottom, provided of course that you first clone it to TeXMF-Local (or similar) and modify the copy rather than the original, then re-build the file name database.

/Philip Taylor/
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