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Radhakrishnan CV cvr at cvr.cc
Tue Jan 11 11:18:43 CET 2011

On 11/01/11 2:56 PM, Asha G wrote:

> 1) I am not sure how to decompress pdfrack-V0.5tar ( which is how
> it is compressed when I looked at it today) I have just saved it in
> /home/ashag/Desktop/passivedendritecorr as pdfrack-V0.5tar

That won't do the job. The package has not yet been extracted from the
archive. That was why you got the 'file not found' error.

You might run the following command from the terminal:

 tar xvzf pdfrack-v0.5.tar.gz

If there is no .gz in the extension (ie., simply pdfrack-v0.5.tar),
run the following command:

 tar xvf pdfrack-v0.5.tar

[Please provide the correct file name of the archive].

> 2) I am using kile - so I just use the build - compile - pdflatex
> button to compile and get the pdf

which means, internally it is running

  pdflatex <file>

which is like opening a terminal, go to your working directory which I
guess is /home/ashag/Desktop/passivedendritecorr. You can make use of
the following command from the terminal prompt:

  cd ~/Desktop/passivedendritecorr

Then you might provide the following command:

  pdflatex <your file name>

Run twice to fix your cross references. Once the compilation is
completed, you will open the pdf in any of your preferred viewer:

  xpdf <file.pdf>


  evince <file.pdf>


  acroread <file.pdf>

or whatever pdf viewer available in your system.

> 3) I don't understand why you have done ./pdfrack.sh

The procedure to make use of pdfrack as far as I understand involves
the following steps:

1. pdfrack.sh <file>
2. pdflatex <file>

The first step will extract all your figures with psfrag labels and
will create standalone figures in pdf format with psfrag labels.

The second steps will create the output pdf by including the newly
created figures in pdf format.

I am seeing/using the package for the first time, I am not sure, if
all the steps are correct.

> Maybe if this is sorted out - it will run - so I am not sending
> code right now. If you can copy your message to my email, I can see
> your response immediately, else I have to wait for the next
> digest.

No worries, I will copy this mail to you as well, so that you will get
a copy much earlier than the digest.

Best regards


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