[Tugindia] Ligure problem in Font

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Thu Apr 3 19:13:26 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Ragu" == S Ragu <ragu_raguam at rediffmail.com> writes:

    Ragu> Dear TUGIndia, When i buy a font, the name may be
    Ragu> abc.pfm/abc.pfb (for example);

    Ragu> But i likes to have a company notation to the prefex to the
    Ragu> font name. i.e. i will rename the font name form abc.pfm to
    Ragu> SRabc.pfm. In such case, the old name will be reflected in
    Ragu> my DVI. But, I likes to have my prefix reflectes in the DVI.

    Ragu> For that reason, i am rennaming the font name from abc.pfm
    Ragu> to srabc.pfm from the dos mode and open the same file in
    Ragu> FontLab to generate PFA.

    Ragu>  From the PFA i am generating AFM. And form AFM, i am
    Ragu> getting TFM by using afmtotfm.

    Ragu> If you find any woring in my procedure, please let me know.

Two questions:

* Can you modify a proprietary font without the risk of violation of
  licence under which you/your company bought the fonts? Can a company
  where you work afford to bear the liabilities arising out of your

* By assigning arbitrary names to a font, don't you find a chance to
  clash with the Karl Berry scheme of font naming conventions with
  which many proprietary fonts are named and those names used in many
  map files in any TeX system?

Best regards.


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