[Tugindia] Ligure problem in Font

S Ragu ragu_raguam at rediffmail.com
Thu Apr 3 13:01:30 CEST 2003

Dear TUGIndia,

When i buy a font, the name may be abc.pfm/abc.pfb (for 

But i likes to have a company notation to the prefex to the font 
name. i.e. i will rename the font name form abc.pfm to SRabc.pfm. 
In such case, the old name will be reflected in my DVI. But, I 
likes to have my prefix reflectes in the DVI.

For that reason, i am rennaming the font name from abc.pfm to 
srabc.pfm from the dos mode and open the same file in FontLab to 
generate PFA.

 From the PFA i am generating AFM. And form AFM, i am getting TFM 
by using afmtotfm.

If you find any woring in my procedure, please let me know.


With Warm Regards

On Thu, 03 Apr 2003 Radhakrishnan CV wrote :
> >>>>> "Ragu" == Ragu  <ragu at ttiindia.com> writes:
>     Ragu> Dear TUGIndia Can i please to know, what is the 
>procedure to
>     Ragu> get all files of TeX usable format 
>     Ragu> For example, i brought a font file called 
>     Ragu> and what is the procedure/process to get a file name
>     Ragu> xyz.afm/xyz.pfm/xyz.pfb/xyz.tfm from "abcd".
>pf2afm  ==> abcd.afm
>afm2tfm ==> abcd.tfm
>By the way what's this xyz.afm, ... ?

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