[texworks] New TeXworks release: 0.6.4

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 18:02:02 CET 2020

Dear Moti,

On 16.03.20 14:52, Moti Ben-Ari wrote:
> Concerning 0.6.4, could you please help me understand the new features:
>     * Add shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+J) to invoke SyncTeX at the cursor position
>     If I understand correctly I can now go to the preview window
> without using the mouse.

Yes. See also the original bug report

>     * Make shortcuts for autocompletion configurable
>     I can configure the shortcuts by editing the files
>     in the "completion" directory of the "resources" directory. What
> is new?

The shortcuts for autocompletion were hard-coded (Tab, Shift-Tab,
Ctrl-Tab, Shift-Ctrl-Tab). They can now be customized like the others by
the process you mentioned.

>     * Make "Auto-Follow Focus" configurable in the preferences
>     What is auto-follow focus? It doesn't appear in the manual.

It can be activated (individually) from the "Window" menu. It tries to
keep the PDF scrolled to wherever the cursor is in the source window. It
has been around for a while, see also

>    * Make editor line spacing customizable
>    I increased to an extreme value of 200% and re-started TW,
>   but I don't see any difference. How does this work?
>   (I use Courier New font)

You should see larger spacing between lines. I.e., if you paste the
following text
there should effectively be an empty line between each "filled" line.
Note that this may not take effect immediately for documents that had
been opened before. Please try with a new document. If that works (and
this is something you require), consider using File > Open Recent >
Clear Recent Files. This will clear the list of recent files and - with
it - any metadata about settings that was stored with it.

>     * Make console output accessible by keyboard; among other thigs,
>     ctrl+\ has always made the console pane appear.
>    But the focus is still on the editor and I have to click the mouse 
>    in the console pane to browse it.
>   What does "accessible by keyboard" mean in this context?

This takes affect when there is an error and typesetting is halted. In
that case, the focus should be on the command line (below the console).
>From there, you could not Shift-Tab into the console window, which was
not possible before.


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