[texworks] New TeXworks release: 0.6.4

Moti Ben-Ari moti.ben.ari at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 15:37:41 CET 2020

Thanks, Stefan, for the clarifications.

I really like auto-follow-focus; too bad it is not documented in the manual
or I would have noticed it a long time ago :-(.

I have a couple of accessibility problems; if you think that they can be
implemented without too much trouble, I'll raise them as issues for the
next release.

This problems arise from a new (high-end!) laptop:

1. The Home and End keys are in a weird place, but apparently the cursor
movement shortcuts cannot be redefined.

2. On the high-resolution screen I find it hard to see the _very narrow_
caret. jEdit has options for thick or block carets which are much easier to

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