[texworks] [EXT] Re: How to open multiple tex files in a signle texworks window?

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 10:40:18 CET 2020


On 03.03.20 09:54, Joseph Wright wrote:
> On 02/03/2020 09:25, 许优华 wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply. "Open multiple files in separate tabs of a
>> single window" is exactly what I'm asking for. I think it would be
>> perfect for TexWorks to supprot this feature.
> I suspected you were after tabs, but I wasn't sure if you also knew
> about the root directive. On tabs, one of the original design aims of
> TeXworks was a very simple interface, maximising screen space for the
> document. Tabs eat into that, and much the same effect is available
> using multiple windows. It's of course down to Steffan et al. if they
> want to add tabs, but if they do, I hope it's optional so one can have
> the current behaviour if preferred.

Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, this has been on my wishlist for
quite some time (https://github.com/TeXworks/texworks/issues/182).
However, the code is currently geared towards the "separate windows"
approach and requires some restructuring (mostly separating the handling
of content (i.e., text) from the display (windows, menus, toolbars,
etc.)). I have started this, but it will take some time to complete. On
the bright side, this is also the thing that stands in the way of decent
project handling...

@Joseph: Yes, I intend to make this optional.

Best regards,

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