[texhax] OT: Problems aborting Windows 10 installation

Gerard E. Seibert jerry at seibercom.net
Mon Aug 17 17:52:46 CEST 2015

On Mon, 17 Aug 2015 16:21:41 +0100, Philip Taylor stated:

> Gerard E. Seibert wrote:
> > If Win 10 scares you that much, remove the "KB3035583" update and then
> > block it from being downloaded and installed again. I believe you need to
> > reboot after deleting it so it will show up as an update so you can block
> > it. Now, Win 10 will not be automatically installed and you won't be
> > nagged.
> Unfortunately that was insufficient.  Windows 10 had already started on
> the path to <del>self destruction</del><ins>installation</ins>, and
> would allow me only four options :
> o "Install now";
> o "install tomorrow";
> o "install the day after that";
> o "install the day after that".
> "Do not install at all", or "install at a date you choose" were not
> possible.  I had to delete the C:\GWX and C:\$Windows.~BT directories,
> plus remove all traces of GWX from the registry, before Windows Update
> would accept that I did /not/ want to proceed with the installation of
> Windows 10.  Once again Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot by
> convincing a would-be Windows 10 adopter that they cannot be trusted to
> allow the user the right to back out of a downloaded-but-not-yet started
> installation.
> ** Phil.

I disagree. Attempting to stop an installation that had already started is
just asking for trouble. You should have let it continue and then reverted
it. That process is build into the update itself. The actual question asked
of you was if you wanted to install Win 10. One you answered "YES", what did
you expect it to do?

Anyway, just water under the bridge. Use this link to download the ISO. Then
run the tool and install whenever you are feeling up to it. It doesn't get
much simpler than that. This is what most of the power users are now doing.



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