[texhax] OT: Problems aborting Windows 10 installation

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Aug 17 17:21:41 CEST 2015

Gerard E. Seibert wrote:

> If Win 10 scares you that much, remove the "KB3035583" update and then block
> it from being downloaded and installed again. I believe you need to reboot
> after deleting it so it will show up as an update so you can block it. Now,
> Win 10 will not be automatically installed and you won't be nagged.

Unfortunately that was insufficient.  Windows 10 had already started on
the path to <del>self destruction</del><ins>installation</ins>, and
would allow me only four options :

o "Install now";
o "install tomorrow";
o "install the day after that";
o "install the day after that".

"Do not install at all", or "install at a date you choose" were not
possible.  I had to delete the C:\GWX and C:\$Windows.~BT directories,
plus remove all traces of GWX from the registry, before Windows Update
would accept that I did /not/ want to proceed with the installation of
Windows 10.  Once again Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot by
convincing a would-be Windows 10 adopter that they cannot be trusted to
allow the user the right to back out of a downloaded-but-not-yet started

** Phil.

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