[texhax] Obtain the page Layout parameters for a specific page.

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>>Dear All,
>>When I write my phd thesis, I want to obtain the page layout
>>parameters, i.e., foot margin, top margin, and so on,  for a specific
>>page, such as the titlepage, the fifth Page, and so on.  What
>>command(s) should I use to achieve this goal?
>>Thanks in advance.  
> I hope this doesn't seem too obvious, but what I would do is deposit all of
> these values in variables, and \message the variables to the log file so
> that
> I could read them later on out of the log file.

What  command(s)  should  be  used for this purpose?  Where should I put
these command in my LaTeX source files?

> In fact, that is just I do with most such variables, except for "absolutes"
> such as crop dimensions and page dimensions, which go into comments at
> the head of
> the file.    I am often surprised by how often my somewhat leaky memory
> needs
> to pop to the top of the source file to retrieve such values.

> Pierre MacKay

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