[texhax] Help installing pzc fonts

Michael Barr barr at math.mcgill.ca
Wed May 6 13:48:11 CEST 2009

I use pzc fonts, largely because it is convenient to have lower case as 
well as caps (otherwise \cal would be acceptable).  My paper is being 
published in an online journal and the editor does not have pzc installed 
and is uncertain how to do it.  When I asked him what his installation was 
I got this reply:

I have the standard tex implementation on cygwin. It's a unix emulator.
so it's the unix tex distribution compiled to run on a PC.

Here, in part, is my fd file:
      {<-> s * [1.100] pzcmi7t}{}

I assume that this is basically a 7pt font, but to enlarge by 1.4 would 
be too much.  After some experiment, I decided that magnification by 1.1 
looked good.  I have files
\MiKTeX 2.7\fonts\vf\adobe\zapfchan\pzcmi7t.vf
\MiKTeX 2.7\fonts\tfm\adobe\zapfchan\pzcmi7t.tfm
in my miktex distribution.  Can anyone tell me where these files should go 
for his cygwin distribution?

Michael Barr

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