[texhax] bst files

Edsko de Vries edsko at edsko.net
Wed Nov 21 22:59:09 CET 2007


> There are a couple of questions here.  First, where should
> lastfirst.bst be stored?  merlin gives no information about where to
> store either merlin.mbs or makebst.tex, so I stored it in a directory
> Program Files/merlin that I created.  I also copied the resulting file
> lastfirst.bst to the natbib directory, since LaTeX found natbib (and
> plainnat.bst) with no problem.  Nothing worked.

The easiest solution is to simply put it in the same directory as your
.tex file. That would work. If you put it somewhere else (such as in the
directory where plainnat.bst is stored), you will probably have to
update the file database. On linux this is done with "mktexlsr"; you
appear to be using Windows, however -- I'm not sure how it's done there.
But if you put it in the same directory as the .tex file, this step is
not necessary.

> Second, it appears that I will need two style files, plainnat (for
> citation style) and lastfirst (for bibliography style), but it doesn't
> look like the \bibliographystyle command allows for two arguments.
> Does it?  If not, how do I accomplish both of my goals?

It is my understanding that the bibtex style file dictates both the
citation style and the bibliographystyle. I would assume that if the
journal provide a bibtex style file, it will dictate both and you will
only need the journal's style file.


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