[texhax] bst files

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Thu Nov 22 10:12:00 CET 2007

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> The easiest solution is to simply put it in the same 
> directory as your .tex file. That would work. If you put it 
> somewhere else (such as in the directory where plainnat.bst 
> is stored), you will probably have to update the file 
> database. On linux this is done with "mktexlsr"; you appear 
> to be using Windows, however -- I'm not sure how it's done 
> there. But if you put it in the same directory as the .tex 
> file, this step is not necessary.

Yes, but "easiest" is not always the same as "best".

If there's any chance you'll need the same files again for another
submission, then you're much better off with the "proper" solution of a
localtexmf directory system - the refresshing is really no big deal - and
the general LaTeX principles are respected.  Also, once you adopt this
strategy, you'll find life easier since upgrades and moving/renaimng folders
etc. will not undo what you've done.

> > [snip]

> It is my understanding that the bibtex style file dictates 
> both the citation style and the bibliographystyle. I would 
> assume that if the journal provide a bibtex style file, it 
> will dictate both and you will only need the journal's style file.

Not quite right, the BibTeX style file only dictates how the actually
bibliography entry is printed out.  The citation format is (obviously?)
dictated by something that LaTeX reads, i.e. a "normal" style file (.sty).
In this case it is natbib that will presumably do the work but many  journal
.sty files also make changes in this respect. 

What the natbib (and other) .bst files do is put enough information into the
\bibitem optional argument so that the LaTeX .sty file can then create the
required citation output.

Cheers,  Phil

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