[texhax] bst files

Jay H. Beder beder at uwm.edu
Wed Nov 21 19:30:33 CET 2007

To whom it may concern:

I'm submitting a paper to a journal that has its own citation style and its own
style for bibliographies.

To conform to its citation style, I downloaded and ran natbib.  I include
plainnat as my bibliographystyle.  This works fine.

To conform to the style for the bibliography, I downloaded merlin.mbs and then
ran makebst as instructed.  This produced a file that I named lastfirst.bst,
but LaTeX doesn't see it.

There are a couple of questions here.  First, where should lastfirst.bst be
stored?  merlin gives no information about where to store either merlin.mbs or
makebst.tex, so I stored it in a directory Program Files/merlin that I created.
 I also copied the resulting file lastfirst.bst to the natbib directory, since
LaTeX found natbib (and plainnat.bst) with no problem.  Nothing worked.

Second, it appears that I will need two style files, plainnat (for citation
style) and lastfirst (for bibliography style), but it doesn't look like the
\bibliographystyle command allows for two arguments.  Does it?  If not, how do
I accomplish both of my goals?

I would greatly appreciate help with the above questions.

Jay Beder

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