[texhax] More typerwriter font questions

James Smith sf at aleph-one.com
Mon Mar 26 13:16:56 CEST 2007

Hi all,

more questions on monospaced fonts...

I've plumped for Latin Modern for the text and maths fonts and, at the
moment, OCR-B for the listings:






I have two questions at this stage:

1. With the document size at 10pt the verbatims looked fine but too big
relative to the serif font. I looked at other books and I think they're
usually 11pt so I changed this and the serif font looks fine but of
course, OCR-B now looks too big. Is it possible to render it at 10pt

2. Although the outline of OCR-B looks good it is still a little too
heavy. Of all the freely available fonts it is I think the best suited,
I don't like the ``courier-like'' fonts, they are too edgey. Can anyone
advise whether a lighter font in the same style exists? I am prepared to
pay for it if necessary! I am taking Andy Schulmann's `Undocumented
DOS'' as a benchmark and the monospaced font there is remarkably similar
to OCR-B but noticably lighter next to the Galliard serif font (the
preamble in the book mentions the use of this font but unfortunately
does not note the font used for the listings).

Kind regards,


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