[texhax] More typerwriter font questions

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon Mar 26 21:38:59 CEST 2007

>>>>> "JamesS" == James Smith <sf at aleph-one.com> writes:

JamesS> 2. Although the outline of OCR-B looks good it is still a
JamesS> little too heavy.  ...  Can anyone advise whether a lighter
JamesS> font in the same style exists? I am prepared to pay for it
JamesS> if necessary!

Having been designed for a wide range of printing techniques and
OCR-ability after repeated duplications, OCRB does have a heavy
stroke weight.  Lucida Typewriter and Lucide Sans Typewriter are
also similarly heavy, so those are unlikely to suit.

You'll probably find that Letter Gothic will have the look you want.

It should be available from a number of sites, including fonts.com,
Adobe, Linotype, et al.

I beleive the Thesis family may have a monowidth that will suit.
IIRC, he designed several weights for each of Serif, Sans and Mono.

Thesis also has a narrower monowidth -- similar to CM's tt -- which
was designed to set code excerpts in trade-sized books w/o having
to use artificially short lines.  I beleive O'Reilly has used it in
some of their books.

You can search for thesis on fonts.com.

In fact, you can probably do a search for all monowidth fonts on
fonts.com and compare.

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