[texhax] pagewise linenumbers, \include, and multicols

Steve Schwartz s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Sun Mar 25 13:44:23 CEST 2007

I have hit an obscure bug/incompatibility (?) illustrated by the
appended source. It seems. The minimal conditions to reproduce the
behaviour seem to be:

use packages:
[pagewise]{lineno}    % running linenumbers are ok

\include inside the multicols without any non-included (initial?) text.

This combination results in latex hanging during processing (after the
1st run-through); interrupting reveals that it is stuck at the
\tableofcontents line. Now that I've found this, I can work around, but
it took some serious detective work to isolate this :-)


Here's the main file:


\usepackage[pagewise]{lineno}   %works ok without pagewise
\newcommand{\blah}{This is a line of text and another to test various
things I can't get to work. }




Hello  % if you remove this, latex will hang trying to typeset
       % the tableofcontents

while the included files look like:

\section{Sec 3}
\blah \blah \blah\par \blah \blah \blah

\section{Sec 4}
\blah \blah \blah\par \blah \blah \blah

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