[texhax] TexLive, gutsy and garamond

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 04:50:52 CET 2007

Karl Berry said the following at 12/10/2007 06:05 PM :
>     pdfTeX warning: pdftex (file texnansi-raw-ugmr8a): Font texnansi-raw-ugmr8a at
>     600 not found
> This is saying that there is no entry for texnansi-raw-ugmr8a in
> pdftex.map.  So it's looking for a bitmap font instead, and failing.

OK. I'll confess that despite many (many!) attempts over the years to
understand how fonts work in TeX, I really don't understand how the
bzillion files (all of which seem have to have exactly the right contents)
are inter-related. [I can happily write plain TeX macros and produce entire
books in plain TeX -- but the scaffolding that's used for fonts leaves me
completely mystified.]

FWIW, I have not changed any of the files from what the gutsy packages have

So I grepped the pdftex.map file:


[H:share] grep ugmr ./texmf-texlive/fonts/map/pdftex/updmap/pdftex.map
ugmr8y GaramondNo8-Reg "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc
ugmri8y GaramondNo8-Ita "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc
ugmro8y GaramondNo8-Reg "0.287 SlantFont TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont"
<texnansi.enc <ugmr8a.pfb


I found it interesting (and of course I don't understand this) that the tfm
file is called texnansi-ugmr8a.tfm, and yet the error message refers to
texnansi-raw-ugmr8a. Presumably that makes some sort of sense to those who
understand this stuff :-)

Anyway, as you can see from the above grep, there's certainly no mention of
texnansi-raw-ugmr8a in the pdftex.map.

So from what you said, this sounds like a bug in the distribution. If you
can confirm that indeed there should be some entry for texnansi-raw-ugmr8a,
I will file a bug report.

> But Garamond in particular has another potential problem -- 
> do you have the actual ugmr8a.pfb (and related) .pfb's installed?
> They are under the AFPL, hence nonfree, hence (I presume) not part of
> gutsy.  Without that, naturally pdftex isn't going to have any luck.

Nope, I couldn't find any such file.

> Perhaps the easiest way to install Garamond, and other such "semifree"
> fonts is to use the getnonfreefonts script written by Reinhard Kotucha. 
> http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/utilities/getnonfreefonts/
> (You might also already have it on your system.)

That script was on the system, and I have now run it. This means that there
is now a ugmr8a.pfb (under my $HOME/texmf, not under /usr/share/texmf where
all the fonts originally installed by gutsy are located). But I still get
exactly the same error when I run the pdftex command..

> But there is another potential issue: I don't see any tfm file named
> "texnansi-raw-ugmr8a.tfm" in any of the usual places.  It seems
> surprising to me that gutsy created such a thing, but I guess it's
> possible.
> In summary: you might look at your pdftex.map and see if there are
> entries for any "ugm" fonts.  And make sure you have the pfb's.

It looks to me like the files are fairly hopelessly inconsistent and I
should file this as a bug report against gutsy. No doubt an expert could
unravel and fix it all, but it seems to me that the ubuntu people need to
fix the inconsistencies, otherwise others are going to run into the same
problems as I am seeing.

Does filing a bug report against gutsy sound like a reasonable thing to do?
I mean, it sure looks to me like gutsy has installed a tfm file for a font
that isn't actually usable.


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