[texhax] TexLive, gutsy and garamond

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Tue Dec 11 06:34:15 CET 2007

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, D. R. Evans wrote:

> Karl Berry said the following at 12/10/2007 06:05 PM :
>>     pdfTeX warning: pdftex (file texnansi-raw-ugmr8a): Font texnansi-raw-ugmr8a at
>>     600 not found
>> This is saying that there is no entry for texnansi-raw-ugmr8a in
>> pdftex.map.  So it's looking for a bitmap font instead, and failing.
> OK. I'll confess that despite many (many!) attempts over the years to
> understand how fonts work in TeX, I really don't understand how the
> bzillion files (all of which seem have to have exactly the right contents)
> are inter-related. [I can happily write plain TeX macros and produce entire
> books in plain TeX -- but the scaffolding that's used for fonts leaves me
> completely mystified.]

I moved to gusty a few days back, and was on windows before that, so do 
not have too much experience with handling the tex system, but ...

>> Perhaps the easiest way to install Garamond, and other such "semifree"
>> fonts is to use the getnonfreefonts script written by Reinhard Kotucha.
>> http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/utilities/getnonfreefonts/
>> (You might also already have it on your system.)
> That script was on the system, and I have now run it. This means that there
> is now a ugmr8a.pfb (under my $HOME/texmf, not under /usr/share/texmf where
> all the fonts originally installed by gutsy are located). But I still get
> exactly the same error when I run the pdftex command..
There is also a script getnonfreefonts-sys (actually just a sym link to 
getnonfreefonts, but the name makes a difference), you can run it as root 

   su getnonfreefonts-sys

and this will install the fonts in the correct (/usr/share/texmf 
directory. For me

locate ugmr8r



I don't know how to get the font mappings right, but hopefully having a 
system wide install may be helpful for future.


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