[texhax] TexLive, gutsy and garamond

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 11 02:05:28 CET 2007

    pdfTeX warning: pdftex (file texnansi-raw-ugmr8a): Font texnansi-raw-ugmr8a at
    600 not found

This is saying that there is no entry for texnansi-raw-ugmr8a in
pdftex.map.  So it's looking for a bitmap font instead, and failing.

Usually that map entry is created by updmap, which is generally done at
installation.  (No clue what gutsy does specifically; this is an area
where distributions differ.)

But Garamond in particular has another potential problem -- 
do you have the actual ugmr8a.pfb (and related) .pfb's installed?
They are under the AFPL, hence nonfree, hence (I presume) not part of
gutsy.  Without that, naturally pdftex isn't going to have any luck.

Perhaps the easiest way to install Garamond, and other such "semifree"
fonts is to use the getnonfreefonts script written by Reinhard Kotucha. 
(You might also already have it on your system.)

But there is another potential issue: I don't see any tfm file named
"texnansi-raw-ugmr8a.tfm" in any of the usual places.  It seems
surprising to me that gutsy created such a thing, but I guess it's

In summary: you might look at your pdftex.map and see if there are
entries for any "ugm" fonts.  And make sure you have the pfb's.

Good luck,

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