[texhax] hyperref conflicts with apacite

Stefan Björk skalman at acc.umu.se
Wed Apr 13 09:06:15 CEST 2005

> I have a problem with hyperref. It conflicts with any citations using apacite
> in which the style outputs something (full, citation, year only, etc), but has
> no problem with \nocite (i.e. no output required).

Apacite has some compatibility problems with hyperref. See section 6.3 
(page 39) in the apacite manual (july 1, 2004):

"... the hyperref package ... needs to redefine the citation commands 
and reference list commands ... These redefinitions are incompatible 
with redefinitions of the citation commands by apacite."

"An attempt to achieve this can be tried through the hyper option of 
apacite. This activates some code ... that makes apacite and hyperref 
work together to some extent. However, different things go wrong 
depending on the order in which the two packages are loaded."

Read the rest yourself. :-)


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