[texhax] Printing error using \widehat{} and \widetilde{} in the limits of \int^{}_{}

Donald R. Fredkin drfredkin at ucsd.edu
Mon Dec 27 07:56:04 CET 2004

I tried your file, processing it with miktex using the winedt front end, 
and the printed result is just what you want, with the wide tilde over the 
A in the lower limit of the integral. This is not very helpful, I know, but 
that is my result.

At 10:55 PM 12/26/2004 -0500, Herman Z. Bennett wrote:
>I am having trouble printing a pdf file generated with latex + dvi2pdf (from
>Winedt's dvi2pdf.edt I can see the pdf is produced with dvipdfm.bat). I would
>very much appreciate any help on the matter.
>The problem:
>I write \int_{\widetilde{A}}^{\widetilde{A}}, then I do latex  + dvi2pdf, and
>the pdf file on screen looks ok. I print the file and Acrobat gives me the
>following message "An error occurred while downloading a font. This document
>might not print correctly." The printout is a page with no \widehat nor
>\widetilde in the limits of the integral (the hat and the tilde disappear from
>the limits of the integral and it looks like \int_{A}^{A}). This does not
>happened if the \widetilde{A} or \widehat{A} is outside the limits of the
>integral. Here is the exact code:
>\documentclass[letterpaper, 12pt]{article}
>\oddsidemargin .24in \topmargin .1in \headheight 0pt \headsep 0pt
>\textwidth 6in \textheight 9in \footskip .65in \parskip .2in
>Hola $\widehat{A} \widetilde{A}$ (This one is ok)
>\begin{equation} \widetilde{A} \int_{\widetilde{A}}^{B}\end{equation}
>(the first $\widetilde{A}$ is ok, but the one in the lower limit of $\int$ 
>shows an $A$ without the tide).

Donald R. Fredkin
drfredkin at ucsd.edu  

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