[texhax] gv 3.6.1 released

jemarch at gnu.org jemarch at gnu.org
Tue Dec 28 00:33:14 CET 2004

GNU gv 3.6.1 has been released today. It is available for download in
the GNU ftp, ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gv

Changes on this release:

# New set of command line arguments. This solves the horrid bug on
gv 3.6.0 that made such release nearly unusable. See the
documentation for details about the new argument list.

# The "Reopen" entry on the File menu has been renamed to "Reload" in
order to be coherent with the "Reload" button.

# The distributed package structure have been fixed, now conforming a
legal GNU source package.

# The delete key now work as expected, that is, it deletes the next
character rather the last character when typed on text entries.

# Dot files are not shown by default on file selection forms.

# If you try to open an empty file you get a coherent error

# New manual page

* Most of the Debian patches has been applied to gv:

162830_scanf.diff (Fix a security risk involving buffer overflows)
167029_argv.diff (Fix an access beyond end of array on process.c)
206008_flicker.diff (Add double-buffering to pixmap operations)
223556_hidden_dir.diff (Do not show dot files on file listings)
250854_tmp_umask.diff (Tempfiles should not be created worldreadable)
252548_errno.diff (Wrong error message while opening empty files)
179643_bad_dsc.diff (Make DSC parsing case-insensitive)
159433_delete_key.diff (Change behaviour of Delete key on text entries)

* The gs command used for PDF to PostScript conversion has been fixed to allow
document saving.

			   José E. Marchesi
			  (jemarch at gnu.org)

			GNU Maintainer for gv

			 27 - December - 2004

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