[tex4ht] exerquiz problems

Tomas Davidek Tomas.Davidek at cern.ch
Mon Jan 11 20:37:19 CET 2021

Dear all,

    I have made few more tests with exerquiz package. The LaTeX source 
uses exerquiz package from the AcroTeX education bundle 
(https://ctan.org/pkg/acrotex), the latest version as available in CTAN 
is used. The LaTeX source file perfectly compiles with pdflatex (I am 
using the TeXLive distribution v. 2020 on Debian testing). Now when 
running make4ht on that, I noticed several interesting features:

* make4ht -c split.cfg -u exerquiz_ex.tex

Although there are many errors from htlatex, the code compiles and the 
resulting Web page contains everything. Nevertheless, most of the error 
messages come from 

* make4ht -c split.cfg -u exerquiz_ex.tex "2"

Attempting to split the Web pages on the per-chapter basis results in

[ERROR]   htlatex: ?    116      TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [input 
stack size=5000].
[FATAL]   make4ht-lib: Fatal error. Command htlatex returned exit code 1

I suspected that the problem is  due to exerquiz package. Unfortunately 
yes, the problem can be removed by commenting out _all_ exerquiz stuff, 
then all error messages disappear.

I am afraid that exerquiz.4ht filter is old (as Michal already pointed 
out) and needs to be updated. I have no idea how difficult it is, please 
can someone have a look?

Attached is a tarball containing the LaTeX source file used for these 
tests, the configuration file and all files required by the exerquiz 

Thanks a lot for any hint.

Best regards,


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