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Fri Mar 18 00:52:50 CET 2022

Hi Jonathan,

> On the tex-live list, Brian noted that a vanilla install followed by an
> install of tex-live results in a missing Perl module error.

I cannot relate this sentence to anything in real-life TeX Live.

First of all, what is "vanilla install"? Of what?
Especially when "followedby an isntall of tex-live"?

> Again on the tex-live list Norbert Preining replied that on Unix "It is the
> user's responsibility to provide a working perl, and necessary modules for
> the programs one uses."


> Requiring the manual installation of a Perl module is an obstruction to the
> easy use of the LaTeX to HTML tools provided by Brian and others. The
> domain expert Jonathan Godfrey recommends that we remove such obstructions.

> Jonathan Godfrey:

Could you point me to the part of the long post that states this?

We cannot and will not provide Perl installations (that is the perl
binary and all the modules in the standard Perl distribution) for all
supported operating systems.

And as Zdenek pointed out, installation of additional perl modules is
impossible the same way.

What we *DO* ship and make available are all necessary modules to run
the TeX Live manager and all TeX Live internal scripts (updmap, fmtutil,

What we do *NOT* ship are all modules that might be necessary to run any
Perl program that is available in TeX Live. Most of them are available
in any standard Perl installation, some might not. But we cannot and
will not provide them.

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