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Fri Mar 18 09:02:57 CET 2022

Am Donnerstag, 17. März 2022, 21:32:58 CET schrieb Jonathan Fine:
> Again on the tex-live list Norbert Preining replied that on Unix "It is the
> user's responsibility to provide a working perl, and necessary modules for
> the programs one uses."

And this is always correct for Linux. If a user does not use the package 
manager of the Linux distribution s:he is always responsible for the 
requirements. So users who have problems in resolving all requirements should 
use the package manager of the Linux distro. And yes, they should also know, 
that TeX Live for most Linux distros is not a single package and if they want 
the whole thing, they have to install the whole thing. And because of this 
some knowledge in using the package manager(s) of the linux distribution would 
help. But this is nothing special for TeX Live. It is usual for several 
applications. So it is something, Linux users should know generally. User who 
do not, will have problems sooner or later.

Just a note: Several Linux distros also provide alternative package managers 
for docker, flatpack, snap etc.  So there are even more alternatives than 
either using the native package manager of the linux distro (with the current 
release repository or even an experimental one) or using a kind of manual 
vanilla installation.

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