[tex-k] cweave of 2020 distribution produces a trap 6 on my High Sierre mac pro

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Wed Feb 17 17:37:25 CET 2021

Hello again,

> Still processing...
After several hours of debugging and coming back to 'flush_buffer' over 
and over again, I believe to have come up with _a_ solution that works 
both on MacOS (10.15.7 with CLang/LLVM) and on Linux (K/Ubuntu 20.04 
with GCC): 

I certainly don't know why 'strncpy' might fail at this spot at all.

BTW, the situation was caused by an input line that was broken (normally 
at white space), leaving a _long_ word in the 'carry over' that then had 
to be broken with a '%' at '80'.  In total, there never was any 'buffer 
overflow' nor 'segmentation violation'.

Anyway, now 'READMEv1.1.w' gets handled correctly.

Best, Andreas

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