[tex-k] cweave of 2020 distribution produces a trap 6 on my High Sierre mac pro

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Feb 16 16:34:24 CET 2021

> (b) Compiling CWEB 3.64c 
It appears that 'CWEB in TeX Live' increased 'buf_size' from '100' to 
'1000' in September 2012: 
and I chose to use the extended limits in 'CWEB 4.0' as well.

This makes the '! Input line too long' messages disappear in TeX Live.

 > (c) The 'READMEv1.1.tex' resulting from (b) does _not_ compile anyway
The TeX output from CWEAVE 3.64c (and earlier) looks really weird; it 
adds lots of line breaks and thus whitespace.

Still processing...

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