[tex-k] cweave of 2020 distribution produces a trap 6 on my High Sierre mac pro

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Feb 16 14:56:20 CET 2021

Hello, Dave,

My first answer went to the tex-k list only. Sorry.

> Quick fix for the moment: Please break lines 434, 439, and 443 in 
> shorted parts.

I have no clue what's happening on MacOS, as I can not reproduce any of 
the following on Linux with GCC.

(a) 'git bisect' alleges that this commit 
is the first 'bad' commit -- which is not the culprit, AFAIKS;

(b) Compiling CWEB 3.64c 
(https://github.com/ascherer/cweb/tree/2017-09-17) on MacOS and running 
its CWEAVE on READMEv1.1.w results in a long list of '! Input line too 
long' messages -- see attached 'input-line-too-long.log' file -- these 
warnings do _not_ appear on Linux;

(c) The 'READMEv1.1.tex' resulting from (b) does _not_ compile anyway -- 
see the attached 'READMEv1.1-input-line-too-long.log' (this logfile 
reports several 'Missing characters' as well);

(d) The 'l.NNN' numbers in (b) are increasingly 'off' from the input 
file if viewed with Vim, both on MacOS and Linux;

(e) The TeX material in lines 434, 439, and 443 with the extremely long 
'word' (path) at the end appears to cause a buffer overflow in CWEAVE's 
'out_buf', which holds up to 80 characters of TeX output; if I increase 
value 'line_length' to, say '180', the problem is gone (but the TeX 
output is different) -- on Linux, these lines are broken at the last 
space in the TeX output and they compile fine with 'tex' and 'pdftex';

(e) The offending WEB section '27' of your 'READMEv1.1.w' could be 
eliminated completely -- together with the very bad advice to 'hack' 
CWEB's 'cwebmac.tex' --, if you would simply say '\input eplain' in the 
preample of the grammar file listing.

Time permitting, I'll try to investigate your problem further, but for 
now I'm stymied.

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