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Frampton, John j.frampton at northeastern.edu
Sun Mar 7 01:33:31 CET 2021

dvipdfmx works fine with pstricks.  I assume so at any rate because if is recommended by the pstricks guru to use with xetex/pstricks.  The reason that I mentioned it was that some ways of going from dvi to pdf don’t work with pstricks.  I also think that LaTex/hyperref provides ways to change dvipdfmx options.  What I need is a way to change the options from Tex.  I think it is not a debugging question, just a query to see if anyone knows how to change the behavior of dvipdfmx from Tex.  I’m sure (fairly sure) I could go into the hyperref package and transport what I need to  extend eplain to get what I need.  But getting into the guts of hyperref and extracting what is needed would take more effort than I am ready to devote to the task, given that I am very far from a LaTex expert.  eplain works as advertised, I believe.

I keep avoiding it, but I may have to get LaTex proficient.

Thanks, John

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Hi John - I'm afraid I have no real clue. dvipdfmx supports a lot of
stuff wrt hyperlinks (it's the back end for xetex), but I don't know
whether it supports pstricks. I also don't know whether eplain's \hlopts
stuff works with it. I've just never tried it. (And Oleg wrote all of
that code, so I don't have even faint memories.)

Unfortunately I can't delve into what happens with \hlopts{bwidth=0} and
pstricks and dvips right now, or any time soon. But in the hope of some
future debugging, can you send a small example of what you want to do?


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