[lucida] lucida-1.901 (2023-01-21) available

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 21 23:52:15 CET 2023

A new version (1.901) of the Lucida OpenType fonts from TUG is
available.  As with previous updates, there's no additional charge if
you've already purchased licenses; you can use the same download
information sent to you at the time of purchase to get the new fonts.
(If you've lost the download info, you can email us at
lucida-admin at tug.org.)

I will append the changes for this release. The same information is also
online at https://tug.org/store/lucida/NEWS.txt.

To summarize, the most significant changes have been to the math fonts,
especially the regular-weight LucidaBrightMathOT. Many of these changes
were discussed in greater detail in the recent article about Lucida math
by Hans Hagen and Mikael Sundqvist:

The four Lucida Sans fonts and the three specialized fonts (Blackletter,
Calligraphy, Handwriting) are not changed at all from the last release
(not even version numbers or dates). All other fonts were changed.

On behalf of TUG, I thank Hans, Mikael, and Michael Sharpe, who among
them did essentially all of the technical font editing for this
release. And we must thank Chuck Bigelow and Kris Holmes (they approved
this release, as always), without whom nothing could be done.

Bug reports and character/feature requests are welcome (email to this
list is best), though, as usual, we cannot promise any particular
timeline for the next release.

Happy typesetting,

TUG Lucida home page: https://tug.org/lucida

- LucidaBrightMathOT (regular) changes, along with whether the
change was also made in LucidaBrightMathOT-Demi (bold):

. math axis changed! For the rationale and examples of this (and several
  of the other) change(s), see the article by Hans Hagen and Mikael
  Sundqvist, Patching Lucida Bright Math:
  The previous value was 313; now it is 325, which is the correct value
  for most of the symbols intended to be aligned on the axis; other
  symbols, including parentheses, integrals, etc., had to be raised to
  match the new value. This will change most nontrivial math
  typesetting, but in a small way, and hopefully for the better.
  (Also done in bold math.)

. widths of math relational and binary operators, notably including
  < and >, corrected to have a consistent width.  Also, for the ss03
  stylistic set (small/Type 1 operator size), width of = corrected.
  Again this will affect much math, hopefully for the better.
  Original report: https://tug.org/pipermail/lucida/2022-March/000864.html
  (Also done in bold math.)

. added smaller versions of characters in Geometric Shapes (U+25A0...) block.
  Activated with ss03, same as the smaller math operators, matching the
  Type 1 sizes.
  (Not done in bold math.)

. added characters U+027EA and U+027EB (left/right double angle bracket),
  \lAngle and \rAngle in unicode-math.
  (Not done in bold math.)

. added character U+034D (combining left-right arrow below),
  \underleftrightarrow in unicode-math.
  (Not done in bold math.)

. added characters U+2661 U+2662 U+2664 U+2667, the white card suits
  (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, in character order). This makes
  all eight suit commands defined in unicode-math work:
  \spadesuit..\clubsuit and \varspadesuit..\varclubsuit.
  Before, only the filled suits were available.
  (Also done in bold math.)

. added character U+29E0 (the d'Alembertian operator),
  \laplac in unicode-math. A variant glyph design, closer to the U+2206
  Laplace operator, is used if new feature ss08 is specified.
  (Also done in bold math.)

. ellipsis characters (U+2026, U+22EF, others) switched to use the same
  dot as the normal punctuation period, and slightly widened.
  (Not done in bold math.)

. geometric shapes (U+25A1..25FF) given a consistent line thickness.
  (Not done in bold math.)

. for \sqrt (U+221A) constructions, fix small misalignment of overline
  with radical diagonal.
  Original report: https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/61527262
  (Partially done in bold math.)

. general cleanup of extensible recipes, including parentheses and braces,
  both vertical and horizontal, integrals, and others.
  (Not done in bold math.)

. make sizes of \uparrow (U+2191) and \downarrow (U+2193) the same, and
  a little shorter. Original report: 
  (Not done in bold math.)

. regularize ovals of \oiint (U+222F) and \oiiint (U+2230).
  (Not done in bold math.)

- Changes in LucidaBrightMathOT-Demi only:

. horizontal ellipsis (U+2026) added.

. copyright symbol (U+00A9) dimensions adjusted to match regular math.

. integral signs and delimiters made more consistent, and a bit bolder.

- All monospaced fonts have the isFixedPitch attribute manually set to 1,
  to work around a bug in fontforge. Recent macOS versions look for this
  attribute to find monospaced fonts in the Font Book application.
  Twelve fonts affected (four fonts in each of three families):
  . LucidaConsoleDK.otf LucidaConsoleDK-Italic.otf
    LucidaConsoleDK-Bold.otf LucidaConsoleDK-BoldItalic.otf
  . LucidaGrandeMonoDK.otf LucidaGrandeMonoDK-Italic.otf
    LucidaGrandeMonoDK-Bold.otf LucidaGrandeMonoDK-BoldItalic.otf
  . LucidaSansTypewriterOT.otf LucidaSansTypewriterOT-Oblique.otf
    LucidaSansTypewriterOT-Bold.otf LucidaSansTypewriterOT-BoldOblique.otf
  Original report: https://tug.org/pipermail/lucida/2022-April/000869.html

- LucidaBrightOT and LucidaBrightOT-Italic: avoid doubled path for
  the = (equals) glyph, which triggered a bug in recent Adobe renderers.
  Original report: https://tug.org/pipermail/lucida/2022-August/000897.html

- LucidaBrightOT-Demi:
. base character of smallcaps c-cedilla is now the
  smallcaps `c' instead of the regular lowercase `c'.
  Original report: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/575868
. hinting removed.

- LucidaBrightOT-DemiItalic, LucidaConsoleDK-Italic: hinting also removed. 
  These fonts were the only ones remaining with hint instructions; we
  missed them in our general hint removal in version 1.801 (which was
  released 13 March 2016).

- All *.fontspec files now use the Extension specifier, to work around a
  bug in fontspec 2.8a (and possibly other versions).

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