[luatex] How to correct expand user commands in lualatex?

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Tue Jan 28 22:42:01 CET 2020

On 28/01/2020 19:49, Alexandr Kozlovskiy wrote:
> Hello everybody. I try to redefine equation environment,to insert 
> actualtext of formula. But if i insert the space after equation,and use 
> \expanded command,to correct expand commands,i get for arguments 1,1 
> actualtext
> 1*1=\protect {\Ustack {\group_begin: 1\group_end: \@@over 1}}
> instead of actualtext like
> 1*1=\frac{1}{1}.
> Help me please,how correct expand user commands,to insert correct 
> actualtext to formula.In attachment you will see an example,which not 
> works for me. Thank you very much for any help.

hyperref does something of this 'purification' of text, but that is not 
available as a generalise command.

The LaTeX team are working on improved/generalised hyperlink support as 
well as tagging, and as part of that we have some as-yet unreleased code 
which is aimed at 'purifying' input to text


This includes support for math mode, though at present the exact detail 
of what should happen with math mode is tricky. For example, it may be 
that retaining the TeX mark-up is best, or that conversion to MathML is 
required for this area.


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