[luatex] How to do automatical tagging of lists in lualatex?

Alexandr Kozlovskiy k.sasha1994 at yandex.ru
Tue Jan 28 20:58:13 CET 2020

Hello everybody. In example of tagpdf package it exists example,how to 
tag any lists in latex (enumerate,description and itemize). But in this 
example before and after \item command we should open and close some 
tags. How do tagging of all lists fully automatically,i mean that even 
before and after \item command user shouldn't do tagging before and 
after \item command and how to do this for all nested lists? I want to 
insert tags in start and at end of any list,label of the list and each 
item of the list. If you haven't time,to help me with code,please write 
me commands,which I should redefine and I will do this myself. Thanks 
everybody very much for any help.

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