[latexrefman] space vs blank vs white space

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 08:36:29 CEST 2021

In node \ignorespaces & \ignorespacesafterend we speak about removing
spaces, however, don't we remove all cat 10 charecters, that is not
only space characters but also all other type of blanks characters
(tab, newline, etc. ) and also unstarred \hspace.

My understanding of the terminology is as follows:
* space character = ASCii 32 character
* blank characters = ASCiI 9, 32, etc … characters
* white space = any sort of space that can be produced with blank
charaters or with other spacing commands ( \hspace, etc. )

So I propose to reword « spaces » to « white space », I can do that
with my next commit on the en.

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