[latexrefman] About Font styles (unconditional commands)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 19 00:16:18 CET 2020

Hi Pablo,

    (maybe it is wrong) and according to what I have read in
    (https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/304314/7832) these commands are not
    part of the LaTeX kernel and they are dependent of each class, could
    you reformulate this section?

Sorry, no, I will not reformulate it.

This manual has never made a distinction between what's in the "latex
kernel" and what's in the core classes. I can't start down that
road. The most I can imagine doing is mentioning this fact and that
there are also the koma-script classes which thus don't follow/provide
everything in the manual.

    3. The paragraph related to \emph is no longer valid :) according to
    LaTeX News , February 2020 (texdoc ltnews, "Handling of nested
    emphasis", p51).

Well, it is still true by default. But the new features for nested
emphasis should be mentioned, yes. Do you care to write a patch?


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