[latexrefman] --file-line-errror

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Apr 23 00:46:44 CEST 2020

    Subject: [latexrefman] --file-line-errror
    Concerning this option, I would like to mention that MiKTeX has it ---

Good! I don't have any way to actually run miktex, all I can go by is
the help message, which doesn't list it. Maybe it would be worth making
a bug report to miktex to include it there.

    MiKTeX also has --shell-escape.

Same story.

    Also, it might be worth mentioning that error produced before the
    first file input will have the tradictional style, so


    Also, for the jobname, w/o the jobname cli option, this is the 1st
    \input explicit or *implicit*. Ie. the command above make a jobname
    equal to <<minimal>> because \documentclass implicitely under the hood


I think there would need to be a new node devoted to jobname.
It is too much to put into one item in a longer list.

    the French version and send a pointer to the diff so that somebody
    better at English than I am can translate it.

Nevertheless, if you can write an initial English version, I could work
with it. I can't do anything useful with French. I would just have to
put into a translate program and go from there, and I'm sure you would
do better than that :). --thanks, karl.

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