[latexrefman] Texinfo UTF-8 does not have №

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Apr 20 03:44:16 CEST 2020

    Subject: [latexrefman] Texinfo UTF-8 does not have Ö

For the future, I suggest writing bug-texinfo and ask Gavin to add
support for it (maybe via @U{...}) to the language. But even if that
happens, there probably won't be a quick release, so defining macros is
the only way for immediate action. For the PDF output, if you can tell
Gavin which font has it in which slot, that could only help.


I assume you're only talking about the French source. @No{} wouldn't be
a good name in English (opposite of "Yes"). Nor would I want occurrences
of "number" to be replaced by a macro in the English, whatever the
name. That would not be very readable. --thanks, karl.

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