[latexrefman] Texinfo UTF-8 does not have №

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 23:28:46 CEST 2020

The French for «#» with the meaning of «number» is «№».

In the latexrefman, because # has some meaning in the TeX/LaTeX
language the symbol # is never used in the explanation text as an
abbreviation to replace word «number».

For instance it is written somewhere «published by the @TeX{} Users
Group as @cite{@TeX{}niques} number 10» which I translated by «publié
par le @TeX{} Users Group en tant que @cite{@TeX{}niques} numéro 10».

However, I am wondering whether instead of using full text «numéro»,
it wouldn't have been shorter/simpler to use its abbreviation №.

Now, I just realize that this symbol does not compile to PDF, it gets
empty in the PDF output.

So I have two questions :

To Denis : qu'est-ce que tu en penses, de temps à autres ça serait
pertinent de faire plus concis ainsi ?

To Karl : is there any clean way to make texinfo compile correctly
this symbol ? From the top of my head I would just define a macro
@No{} with different meaning according to the backend HTML/PDF


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