[dvipdfmx] Problem with dvipdfmx finding font files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 21 22:42:27 CET 2022

Hi Yannis,

    When I remove the font from the list in pdftex.map, then some other
    font is missing. Everything worked fine a few weeks ago

Maybe the problem is duplicate entries in pdftex.map. If your pdftex.map
has the "standard" entry for xydash10
xydash10 XYDASH-Medium <xydash10.pfb
as well as your custom one, I can imagine that causing strange problems.
Admittedly the error message is not helpful if this is indeed the case.

If that's not it, well, still sounds like something strange in your
pdftex.map. Maybe if you send your entire pdftex.map (ideally
[g]zipped), it would allow to reproduce.

If you can reduce the example to a simple dvi, as from
  \font\foo = xydash10 \foo abc \nopagenumbers \end
it might help debugging.
dvipdfmx runs ok on the dvi from that one-liner for me. --best, karl.

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