[dvipdfmx] Problem with dvipdfmx finding font files

Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at imt-atlantique.fr
Mon Mar 21 22:46:18 CET 2022

Hi Karl,

I'm sending you the pdftex.map (which is rather small), there are no duplicate
entries. I have reduced the example to a pdftex.map with a single entry, still having the same problem.

I will try to produce a minimal example.

Thanks for your help,


> Le 21 mars 2022 à 22:42, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> a écrit :
> Hi Yannis,
>    When I remove the font from the list in pdftex.map, then some other
>    font is missing. Everything worked fine a few weeks ago
> Maybe the problem is duplicate entries in pdftex.map. If your pdftex.map
> has the "standard" entry for xydash10
> xydash10 XYDASH-Medium <xydash10.pfb
> as well as your custom one, I can imagine that causing strange problems.
> Admittedly the error message is not helpful if this is indeed the case.
> If that's not it, well, still sounds like something strange in your
> pdftex.map. Maybe if you send your entire pdftex.map (ideally
> [g]zipped), it would allow to reproduce.
> If you can reduce the example to a simple dvi, as from
>  \font\foo = xydash10 \foo abc \nopagenumbers \end
> it might help debugging.
> dvipdfmx runs ok on the dvi from that one-liner for me. --best, karl.

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