[dvipdfmx] Invalid font: -1 (0) error message is opaque

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 24 00:06:38 CEST 2021

    occurs in very unusual situations (should not happen).

Ok. Adding "should not happen" to the error message would make
that clearer :).

    Probably, Type 1 font support for XeTeX is currently broken?

I don't think so. We would have heard many complaints immediately if
Type 1 was completely broken! It seems to be working for me, e.g.,
$ xetex '\relax hello \end'
Output written on texput.pdf (1 page).
$ pdffonts texput.pdf
name                                           type              emb sub uni prob object ID
---------------------------------------------- ----------------- --- --- --- ---- ---------
JJEUVH+CMR10                                   Type 1C           yes yes yes           4  0

On the other hand, perhaps it is related to Type 1 *system* fonts
(looking up with fontconfig/by font name). I can believe that is rare
indeed nowadays.


I remember that there was a specific reason Akira made that change, but
not what the reason actually was :).

Anyway, thanks for looking into it. --best, karl.

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