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TUG 2014 Proceedings

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TUG 2014
TUG 2014 conference information 
    sponsors and participants
TUG 2014 conference program   127 
TUG 2014 photos   128-129 
TUG 2014 in Portland 
  David Latchman 
    conference report
Visiting TUG 2014 
  Tracy Kidder 
    (on last page of report)
Recent additions to TeX's font repertoire 
  Michael Sharpe      [Introductory — Garamonds, Baskervilles, typewriter fonts, sans serif, and more]
Experiences converting from PDF-only to paper 
  Jim Hefferon, Lon Mitchell      [Introductory — offering an online textbook in print for the first time]
Texinfo visits a garden 
  Joseph Hogg      [Introductory — producing an annotated, indexed, plant list for the Huntington's Herb Garden]
Software & Tools
MacTeX design philosophy vs. TeXShop design philosophy 
  Richard Koch      [Intermediate Plus — Global vs. LocalTeX PrefPane for the Mac, and Apple histories]
TeX Live Utility: A slightly-shiny Mac interface for TeX Live Manager (tlmgr) 
  Adam Maxwell      [Intermediate Plus — a MacOSX graphical interface for tlmgr]
On tracing the trip test with JSBox 
  Doug McKenna      [Advanced — accurate and complete tracing as part of developing a new TeX interpreter]
    JSBox slides, literac slides
Creating (mathematical) jigsaw puzzles using TeX and friends 
  Julian Gilbey      [Intermediate — educational puzzles creating using TeX, Python, YAML, et al.]
SUTRA—A workflow for documenting signals 
  Pavneet Arora      [Intermediate Plus — using YAML and ConTeXt tables for generalized signal documentation]
Typesetting figures for computer science 
  Andrew Mertz, William Slough, Nancy Van Cleave      [Intermediate Plus — practical packages for drawing stacks, byte fields, trees, automata, and more]
Software & Tools
Dynamic documents 
  David Allen      [Intermediate Plus — using R's tikzDevice to generate graphical output in LaTeX]
Typography and readability: An experiment with post-stroke patients 
  Leyla Akhmadeeva, Boris Veytsman      [Intermediate — serif vs. sans serif for readers with cognitive impairments from stroke]
TeX and copyediting 
  S.K. Venkatesan, CV Rajagopal      [Intermediate — copyediting markup to improve consistency and communication]
An output routine for an illustrated book: Making the FAO Statistical Yearbook 
  Boris Veytsman      [Advanced — when illustrations are primary and text is secondary]
    code as pdf, code as dtx, github
Electronic Publishing
xml2tex: An easy way to define XML-to-LaTeX converters 
  Keiichiro Shikano      [Advanced — a Scheme program to use LaTeX as an effective XML presentation layer]
Electronic Documents
MathBook XML 
  Robert A. Beezer      [Intermediate — writing technical documents with many possible output formats and online integration]
Electronic Publishing
Can LaTeX profiles be rendered adequately with static CSS? 
  William Hammond      [Advanced — using pure CSS to handle math from LaTeX profiles in, e.g., GELLMU]
    in HTML
TUG 2014 abstracts 
  Kaveh Bazargan, Karl Berry, David Crossland, Ward Cunningham, Paulo Ney de Souza, Michael Doob, David Farmer, Doug McKenna, Frank Mittelbach, Ross Moore, Dan Raies, Will Robertson, Etienne Tétreault-Pinard, Alan Wetmore 
    Wiki created by Ward Cunningham at and for the conference
Let's Learn LaTeX: A hack-to-learn ebook 
  S Parthasarathy 
Book Reviews
Book review: Fifty Typefaces That Changed The World, by John Walters 
  Jeffrey Barnett      [Reports and notices — review of this art book, with personal commentary on the omission of Computer Modern]
         See the TUG books page for all book reviews and discounts.
TUG Business
TUG 2015 election 
  Kaja Christiansen 
    TUG election information online
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