Institutional members of the TeX Users Group

TUG is very grateful for the support from its institutional members, listed below as well as in each issue of TUGboat.

The institutional rate is $550, for which the institution may name up to eight individual memberships, thus providing a small discount. In addition, institutional members may have site-wide electronic access to the members area, without needing accounts for individuals.

Institutions may join or renew using the regular membership form, or by contacting the TUG office. Thank you!


Sibling user groups with joint memberships

TUG is equally grateful to have mutual agreements with several sibling TeX user groups, whereby individuals can receive a discount for joining both groups. To do so, please see the links on the TUG membership page; the links here are to the other groups' home pages, for general information.

A list of all TeX user groups is also available. We encourage you to join whichever group is best for you.


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