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TUG 2009 Proceedings

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TUG 2009 conference information 
    thanks, participants, program, sponsors, photos.
General Delivery
Profile of Eitan Gurari (1947–2009) 
  David Walden      [Introductory — the creator of TeX4ht and other projects, in memoriam]
LaTeX class writing for wizard apprentices 
  Boris Veytsman      [Intermediate — compatibility, interfaces, tips, and experiences in writing LaTeX classes]
LuaTeX for the LaTeX user: An introduction 
  Arthur Reutenauer      [Intermediate — brief note on some notable LaTeX packages providing basic LuaTeX support]
Ongoing efforts to generate “tagged PDF” using pdfTeX 
  Ross Moore      [Advanced — extending pdfTeX and LaTeX to support accessible PDF]
The EduTeX TUG working group 
  Frank Quinn      [Introductory — clever new machines, clever new software, same old brains]
Software & Tools
Becoming a CTAN mirror 
  Jim Hefferon      [Intermediate — steps for helping the community by running a CTAN mirror]
TeX Live 2009 news 
  Karl Berry      [Introductory — brief summary of notable changes in the TeX Live 2009 software release]
Getting started with plasTeX 
  Tim Arnold      [Introductory — introduction to plasTeX: converting LaTeX to HTML, DocBook, plain text, and more]
LuaTeX: Halfway to version 1 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate Plus — overview of past, present, and future of LuaTeX]
LuaTeX and ConTeXt: Where we stand 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate Plus — taking stock of current LuaTeX and ConTeXt, with performance comparisons]
ProofCheck: Writing and checking complete proofs in LaTeX 
  Bob Neveln, Bob Alps      [Advanced — a system for writing formal proofs in (La)TeX and automatically checking them]
TeX People: The TUG interviews project and book 
  Karl Berry, David Walden      [Intermediate — the interviewing process, using m4 to create HTML or LaTeX, publication decisions]
Self-publishing: Experiences and opinions 
  David Walden      [Introductory — printing, distribution, economics, and other aspects of self-publishing]
Introduction to MetaPost 
  Klaus Höppner      [Introductory — focusing on the unique features of MetaPost, such as solving linear equations]
A TikZ tutorial: Generating graphics in the spirit of TeX 
  Andrew Mertz, William Slough      [Intermediate — tutorial overview of this major graphics package]
Medical pedigrees: Typography and interfaces 
  Boris Veytsman, Leyla Akhmadeeva      [Intermediate — historical and new typesetting of medical pedigrees]
A first look at the TeX Gyre fonts 
  Jim Hefferon      [Introductory — samples and recipes for using the Gyre font collection, especially for math]
Plain TeX and OpenType 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate — introduction to facilities for accessing OpenType fonts from plain LuaTeX]
Integrating Unicode and OpenType math in ConTeXt 
  Aditya Mahajan      [Intermediate Plus — implementation in LuaTeX of both OpenType and traditional math]
LuaTeX: A user's perspective 
  Aditya Mahajan      [Intermediate — using Lua to greatly simplify programming in TeX]
BibTeX meets relational databases 
  Nelson Beebe      [Intermediate Plus — searching large bibliographic collections using SQL databases]
Electronic Documents
TeX as an eBook reader 
  Kaveh Bazargan      [Introductory — report on using TeX for better line breaking and mathematics support on the iPhone]
From distribution to preservation of digital documents 
  Christian Rossi      [Intermediate — issues of conservation of (mostly textual) electronic documents]
Rich media annotations and AcroFLeX 
  Donald Story      [Intermediate Plus — multimedia support in PDF via Acrobat and LaTeX]
Hints & Tricks
Use of the \write18 feature for composing indexes 
  Claudio Beccari      [Intermediate Plus — automatically keeping indexes up to date via external command execution]
Glisterings: Reprise; repetition; rectangular text 
  Peter Wilson 
Peter Wilson's Herries Press packages 
  Will Robertson      [Introductory — a new maintainer for most of Wilson's packages, and descriptions thereof]
Biuletyn GUST: Contents of issues 25–26 (2008–2009)   293 
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issue 2009/3   296 
Zpravodaj: Contents of issues 16(1) (2006) and 19(1–2) (2009)   296 
TUG 2009 abstracts 
  Jin-Hwan Cho, Paulo Ney de Souza, Idris Hamid, Morten Høgholm, Chris Rowley 
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