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Colored text

Package overpic and pstricks
With pstricks it's possible to draw over another eps-image. The black and white rose.eps should be part of your local TeX installation. The colored one is available here. To get the same scaling factor for images inserted with the overpic macro and for pstricks you need the height and/or width of the images, because this is set to 1 (absolut) or 100 (percent) opr 1000 (per mille)

It is also possible to draw the text in relative coordinates:

Write into the preamble the following code, which is part of a figure float:
    \rput[l](0,0){Lower Left}
    \rput[r](\wd\Imagebox,\ht\Imagebox){Upper Right}
    \rput[r](\wd\Imagebox,0){Lower Right}
    \rput[l](0,\ht\Imagebox){Upper Left}

Rename only the imagefile and do not forget the \usepackage{pstricks} in the preamble..

Another example


LaTeX source and the example image. The TeX file needs the package sidecap, which should be part of your local TeX system. otherwise get it from CTAN.

There is a problem to use filled rectangle and nodes, because the nodes had to defined first, before the node connection could be drawn. On the other hand the ncbox overwrites the node label. This example defines a macro \fgbg, which draws first the foreground to define the node coordinates and then draws the background and again the foreground.

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