TUG 2024 - Program

Presentations at the conference will be listed here as they are accepted.


  1. Apu V, Rishi T, Rajagopal CV, Radhakrishnan CV, TeXFolio—Manuscript preparation system using TeX
  2. Abdelouahad Bayar, dynMath: an enhancement of (La)TeX engines' typesetting abilities through PostScript Type 3 (remote)
  3. Abdelouahad Bayar, The interaction of LaTeX and PostScript Type 3: The underlying principles of dynMath (remote)
  4. Antoine Bossard, On typesetting Latin verse scansion with LaTeX and LuaLaTeX
  5. Changxu Duan, Bridging scientific publication accessibility: LaTeX-markup-PDF alignment
  6. Ulrike Fischer, Progress in the tagging project
  7. Michal Hoftich, Web page to PDF conversion with Rmodepdf: Leveraging LuaLaTeX for e-book reader-friendly documents
  8. Oliver Kopp, JabRef—20 years of BibTeX-based literature management
  9. Sarah Lang, LaTeX in the Digital Humanities
  10. Frank Mittelbach, Hooks, sockets and plugs
  11. Simon Pfahler, Easy colorblind-safe typesetting: General guidelines and a helpful LaTeX package
  12. Norbert Preining, arXiv's Role in making research accessible (remote)
  13. Norbert Preining, TeX (Live) at arXiv (remote)
  14. Rishi T, Apu V, Rajagopal CV, Radhakrishnan CV, Navigating common challenges in manuscript submission: Insights for authors using Elsarticle and CAS packages
  15. Martin Ruckert, Profiling TeX input files
  16. samcarter, The moloch beamer theme
  17. Boris Veytsman, Packaging Arsenal fonts for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
  18. Joseph Wright, Templates: prototype document elements
  19. Joseph Wright, siunitx development continues: 2024

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